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Electronic Commerce a hot topic in just about every industry today. Everywhere you look, electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is the buzzword of the day. Whether trying to reach consumers directly or trying to work with trading partners, there is something in e-commerce for just about everyone.

Now we have this new medium in the internet for transacting business. And the word "business" may be the most critical aspect of what e-commerce is all about.

E-commerce can be as simple as a single form online that accepts credit card. Or it can be as complex as integrating disparate vendor system to support supply chain purchasing. Most people think of e-commerce as shopping online. That is typically called consumer-to-business (C-to-B) e-commerce. That is your traditional retail or store-font type business.

E-commerce also include the business-to-business (B-to-B) market space, which accounts for a significant amount of activity on the internet. Just think of all the supply chain purchasing that takes place to manufacture and support many of the products and services we use every day! Example of B-to-B e-commerce include wholesale companies selling to end retailers.

If you have a product and you are interested in selling this product of yours all over the world, and to receive the payments through internet by credit cards and checks than you need e-commerce solutions for your website. People prefer to pay online by their credit cards, and business which are not accepting credit cards are constantly loosing sale.

For example if you are running an institution, and for students admission you want an online registration system where students can pay their registration fees and get themselves enrolled without coming to your campus or if you are running a club you can get more members by your online membership system around the world. These are just few examples.

  • E-biz solutions to reach new customers and keep them coming back.
  • Many applications including customer self-service, product information, electronic commerce and much more can be developed.
  • The Internet has created new ways to market your products/services, take advantage of this opportunity.

If you have an idea or a product which you want to cash from the world, 2innovative is right here to serve.

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