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 Web Development

Providing useful solutions is not easy. Tackling complex issues and providing cost effective easy to use website is truly an art. It requires a team of professionals. Professionals with keen understanding and insight. A team seasoned with the wisdom that a person will need to relate to the products we create. This requires us to listen and to allow the people we serve to join in as partners in the process. Website Designing is an art and art is beauty which often in the eye of the beholder.

A goal for a website is not the same as its purpose. A purpose gives a general idea of what the site is for, whereas a goal is very specific. A goal can help define how much should be spent, but goals must be measurable. What is a measurable goal of the site? Selling X dollars worth of a product directly via website is a measurable goal, as is selling X dollars of product or service indirectly through leads. Reaching a certain usage level per day, week, or month can be a goal. 

 What is good web design? 

Web is primarily about popularity. Who cares how many visitors come to a page, unless it has some benefit? Think about quality and success. Important aspect of the web design process include following area:
  • Artistic style, color theory, typography, and other visual concerns.
  • Information design, which specifies how information should be organized and linked.
  • Hypertext theory
  • Technical writing
  • System design
  • Programming
  • Network and Server design
  • Business issues and project management
The goal is to develop a site that can be delivered to the user in a satisfactory manner, be interpreted correctly by the user, and induce the desired outcome. Web design should be concerned not only with the aesthetic qualities of a web site, but also with the users overall experience in the context of a specific task or problem. We always consider what feeling the user will take away after visiting your site . The best approach to web design is a holistic one, in which content, presentation, and interactivity work in harmony.

Determining Purpose

Finding a purpose for a web site isn't necessarily very hard. The web can be very useful, and many common reasons exist to put-up a web site, a few of which are listed here:
  • Commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Information
  • Marketing
  • Personal Pleasure
  • Presence
  • Promotion
  • Search and Education
  • Technical Support

A corporate web site may include demands for marketing, public relations, investor relations, technical support, and commerce and human resource services such as job recruiting. We are trying to meet all of these needs while thinking about the web site.

Who is the audience?

Just having a purpose for a site isn't enough, we need to consider a sites audience. Notice how often site reflect the organizational structure of a company rather than the need of the customer.
  • Are the users coming from within your organization, or from outside?
  • Are they young or old?
  • What language do they speak?
  • When do they visit the site?
  • What technologies do they support?
  • What browsers do they use

The web has millions of users, but they are not all going to visit a particular web site.

Who will pay for it?

Sites cost money to produce, so they generally have to produce some benefit to continue. Making a web site valuable to a user is tricky, specially considering that value often is both psychological and real.

Defining Scope 

A scope equals money, with visitors skimming the site, key bullet points tend to be read while detailed information is skipped. The main thing is to keep the points obvious and simple. Even if information is presented well, poor organization can ruin all the hard work in preparing the information. If a viewer can't find the information, who cares how great it looks or how well it reads. 


We use the following Languages to develop website.
HTML, DHTML, XML, PHP, Java, Javascript, JSP, ASP

We use the following Multimedia for website.

Macromedia Flash, Director, Fireworks, Extreme 3D, Dreamweaver, CINEMA 4D, MetaCreation Infini-D, Sound forge, Cakewalk etc.
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